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Links to external resources are provided as-is, for additional reading, watching and listening, without any guarantees that the material will stay accessible, be relevant for your needs, or match the contents of our course.
Resources include introductory books, articles, online courses, blog posts, demos and video clips.

General Background

Background on Algorithms

Online AI Courses

Appendix A: Python bootcamp

These notes cover some required background knowledge. I expect many of the students to know much of this material, so it is provided to enable you to fill in any "gaps".

Some of the activities and all of the assignments will require this knowledge.

External links:

Lecture 1 - The game of Go and Computer Go

Lecture 2

Go UI's, tools

Open Source Computer Go Programs

Lecture 3

Decision-Making Case Studies

Chances and Risks of Algorithms

Lecture 4

Human Decision-Making

Lecture 7 - Search and heuristic search

Blind Search - Depth-first Search, Breadth-first search, etc.

Heuristic Search

Lecture 8

Solving Go

Lecture 17

Machine Learning

Lecture 18

Lecture 19

Lecture 20

DCNN for Move Prediction in Go

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Residual Networks

Lecture 21 Reinforcement Learning

Lecture 22


AlphaGo Matches

Lecture 23

AlphaGo Zero

Programs giving handicap to professional players

Current Go Programs, mostly Based on AlphaGo Zero Ideas

Recent Computer Go Events

Lecture 24

Lecture 25

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Martin Müller and Ting-Han Wei