CMPUT 366 (Winter 2021)

Intelligent Systems


Each assignment consists of a problem set file in PDF format containing the list of questions to answer, and a zipfile of support files containing stub code, support modules, and a LaTeX template for generating a PDF for your answers.

The intention is that you should be able to unzip the support files into an empty directory, work on the problems, and then zip the directory into a new file for submission.

Each assignment is to be submitted electronically via eClass before the due date. The submission should consist of a PDF file containing the written answers to the problem set, and a zipfile containing all of your code. The zipfile includes a LaTeX file that you can edit to produce a PDF of your answers if you wish. Otherwise, you can type your answers into your favourite word processor and print to PDF, or you can write your answers (legibly!) by hand and upload a scan.

Assignments may be downloaded from eClass.