Go3 Program Overview

Go3 implements several variations of simulation-based Go players. All choose their best move based on its success in simulations. Go3 implements two different simulation policies. Go3 also implements two different move selection algorithms at the root.

Setup and Use

Command Line Options in Go3

Policy-only player in Go3

Go3 also implements a second player, the policy-only player.

GoGui Analyze Commands in Go3

Go3 provides three useful commands that you can use with GoGui. First, open the Analyze window. Then, choose one of the options:

As a result, the program will mark the moves belonging to the selected category on the board.

Another useful feature of GoGui is Auto run. If you check this option, then GoGui will re-send the command every time the board positions changes. Very handy if you want to see which policy moves are generated as you step through a game or a set of test cases.

Created: Mar 1, 2018 Last modified: Mar 2, 2019

Martin Müller