Cmput 455 Assignment 4

Due Dec 14, 11:55pm. Submit via eClass submission link on the main eClass course page.
Late submission (with 20% deduction) Dec 16, 11:55pm. Submit via separate eClass link for late submissions.

In this assignment, you develop your own player for the game of Gomoku. You can implement any player you want using any techniques, as long as it's in Python3 and follows the rules and constraints below. We will test the performance of your player in two tournaments.


  1. First, as in previous assignments, make sure you have your Python 3, NumPy and GoGui 1.51 set up. You can review the procedures under Lecture 3 activities.
  2. Download assignment4.tgz and expand it. The directory assignment4 contains:
  3. Modify/add code in directory assignment4 only to implement your solution.


Team names

We would like to provide updates as the tournament progresses.
So in your readme file, please provide a teamname as well, which we will use for public updates. The team name should not contain the team member names to provide a level of anonymity.

As stated below, when you submit your assignment, please rename the dir gomoku4 to your team name, using underscores in place of spaces and removing any special characters if needed.


GTP Commands

The Usual Warnings, Hints and Details - Read them All

Pre-submission Test and Submission

Play one test game against as follows:

Follow the same general steps as in assignment 1 to create your presubmission.log file and your submission, but (of course) using your assignment4 directory, assignment4.tgz as file name, and the sample test game described above as test. Add both your game_result.txt and readme.txt to your assignment4 directory. The readme file should also state your public team name for the tournament.


There will be 5+2 marks for this assignment.

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Martin Müller and Ting-Han Wei